The 6 Week Shake Up

The six week shake up program has been designed to give you a mind body & soul boost so you can start looking at your health and fitness in a completely different more positive way and be able to manage your own plans and programs.
Let`s face it how many diets have you tried and not had lasting results? Diets don’t work.
Good quality exercise, nutrition knowledge and a complete change in your mindset will!

The 6 week shake up is led in partnership by Athlos PT & HypnoHealth owners Allison & Mike.

Mike is a Fitness and nutrition coach with 3 years experience of helping people reach their goals and be able to manage their fitness and nutrition by educating and empowering them to be accountable for their own programs without it taking over their lives.

Allison is a fully trained and registered clinical hypnotherapist and has a year of experience working with weight management clients, changing their mindset, emotional attachment to food, habitual eating, and cravings. Allison finds the positive outcomes when changing people’s lifelong negative relationships with food so rewarding and is really passionate about helping people achieve their goals.

The program includes 6 weekly sessions which will be a mix of exercise and nutrition with Mike plus hypnosis and mindfulness with Allison each week.
The 6 Week Shake Up will be delivered on Thursdays 130-3pm at Hemlington Lake Recreation Centre.
To sign up please complete the form below or for more information on what the program will cover click the button below.
Price: £ 99.00