Athlos Lifestyle Challenge

If you’re a busy but committed person who wants to get fitter, look healthier and lose some weight then the ATHLOS LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE is for YOU.

It’s 100% delivered online and take the form of

  • Initial consultation via Zoom/Telephone (inc start-up questionnaire).
  • 2-4 workouts per week (emailed to you with clear instruction – everything is shared to you via a Dropbox shared folder that we both have access to)
  • Nutrition coaching to educate and work on making your diet/nutrition work best for you (this also includes worksheets and exercises to do across the week)
  • Check ins via zoom & email to check progress, get feedback etc
  • Final review to discuss overall results and next steps
  • Weekly Challenges 

For more info contact up or view the reviews video.

See the features breakdown below and sign up today using the form at bottom of this page.


4 Weeks
£ 40
  • Initial Questionnaire Consultation
  • Up to 2 Workouts Per Week
  • Weekly E-Mail Check-in
  • Basic Nutrition Coaching
  • Weekly Challenge


9 Weeks
£ 95
  • Initial Video Consultation
  • Up to 3 Workouts Per Week
  • Weekly Live Check-in
  • Full Nutrition Coaching
  • Weekly Challenge


12 Weeks
£ 150
  • Initial Video Consultation
  • Up to 4 Workouts Per Week
  • Weekly Live Check-in (more if required)
  • Full Nutrition Coaching
  • Sample Meal Plans
  • Weekly Challenge
  • Free T-shirt
  • Prize Draw for Fee Refund

All I’d ask in return is some feedback on the program, reviews/recommendations, some social media posts & full commitment and total honesty around how your managing, what your eating, what you have/haven’t done/changed over the week etc etc as this way I can adapt things and ensure that we work together to get the best possible results.

Simply complete the form below and i’ll be in touch.